ANDrea Tosten

Andrea Tosten is a calligrapher and a bookbinder. She has been doing calligraphy for over 15 years and teaching it at Oil and Cotton for over seven years. She has been bookbinding at The Book Doctor for over six years. She has a Bachelor of Science in BioMedical Science from Texas A&M and a Master of Liberal Arts in Museum Studies from the University of Oklahoma. 


Braulio Lazon-Conde 

Through printmaking, Braulio Lazon-Conde creates a visual dialogue by also using repurposed materials to create the print. The themes of his work often reflect his Peruvian upbringing. Braulio first explored printmaking while attending a workshop in Oak Cliff. The class was instructed by Matt Bagley from Iron Press and Ben Muñoz from Corpus Christi.

After connecting with these artists in 2018 he worked as an apprentice to Ben Muñoz and assisted with the completion of Muñoz’s biggest project to date. Braulio Lazon Conde has previously exhibited works at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas, and displays at home amongst his plants. 

It has been a year since his first block was carved, inked and printed and his growing passion for the medium has naturally developed into a bridge with which he hopes to reach out to his community. 



Under the alias of Cocoatlicue (co-kwat-lee-kwei), Amy Zapien explores the relationships of time travel, catharsis, magic, and personal narrative to healing. She experiments with visual and performing arts, rituals, soundscapes, installations, lighting, and illustration to excavate the ways in which stories are shared. Coco’s artistic process is inspired by her B.A in Anthropology from UNT, rooting her poetry and performance in ethnographic documentation.

She is currently collaborating with the Espinas Collective, Tejana Cosmica, Voicemail and in the past has displayed work at The Houston Lawndale Art Center, The Oak Cliff Cultural Center, and Casa De Locos. As Sunset Arts Studios 2019 summer artist in residence Coco will be experimenting with the idea of poetry as protest and the interconnectedness of our stories in times of such political uncertainty. Additionally she is working with local illustrator and artist Mylan Nguyen on releasing a series of short poems accompanied by Nguyen’s illustrations. You can find her on Instagram, in both the spirit and physical world, or in Pleasant Grove with her dog June.


Danielle ELlis

Danielle Ellis is an Oak Cliff native always ready to share her love of the arts with everyone at a moment’s notice be it painting live or holding workshops. Her art education came from her parents, summer workshops at the South Dallas Cultural Center, attending Booker T. Washington High School of the Performing and Visual Arts and later The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Her mission since a young age has been to bring the Arts to the people. ‘No one should be or feel excluded from experiencing the Arts. I want everyone to have original pieces in their homes. It’s something very special in that experience. Everyone should feel that love.’ 


Elva Chavez 

Elva is a full-time grad student, dog mom, and chingona. 


Erik Gomez

Erik Gomez is a local Fort Worth artist, designer and printmaker. Undocumented and Unafraid, born in Chihuahua Mexico he finds inspiration for his work in his environment, culture and family; the same inspiration that fuels his brand Galleria de Gomez. 


Fabiola Valenzuela

Fabiola Valenzuela is an Intermedia artist that lives in Fort Worth, TX. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Texas at Arlington. Fabiola’s work concentrates on identity and memory through the use of painting, installation, and sculpture. More recently, she was selected for the Texas Biennial 2017 exhibition.  


Fernando de ita López

Fernando graduated from the Visual Arts Institute of Puebla, a founding member of Cooperativa Ave; a project that was based on the management and development of cultural projects in the city of Puebla. The disciplines with their work. His interest focuses on socio-political events, environmental problems, and historical events, as well as generating tension lines through questions and visual narratives.


Goretti Troncoso Cordourier

Goretti Troncoso Cordourier was born in Puebla City, Mexico in 1986. She studied Plastic Arts at the IAVEP ( Visual Artes Institute) in Puebla.  She worked at the Erasto Cortes Museum, a museum dedicated to the diffusion of engraving, designing and imparting engraving initiation workshops. In 2017 she won a municipal scholarship to develop a website that showed the work of women in the graphic. She is part of Luciernaga Workshop where she works personal work and bookbinding projects.


Jodi Voice Yellowfish

Jodi Voice Yellowfish is Muscogee Creek, Oglala Lakota, and Cherokee. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas Jodi is a product of the US. Government's Relocation Program. She attended Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas where she received her Associate's degree in Social Work and studied for her bachelor's in Indigenous and American Indian Studies. Jodi is an ambassador and Community Outreach Coordinator for American Indian Heritage Day in Texas and Indian Citizens Against Racial Exploitation. As well as the Chair for MMIW Texas.


Jamila S. Mendez

Visual Arts have always been an important part of my life.  While growing up, my mother saw my love for drawing and enrolled me in private art lessons, as well as, an Art Summer Camp at Arts Magnet High School during my preteens.  It led me to major in Fashion Design with a minor in Art in college. 

Immediately out of college, I began to freelance by making custom apparel for clients and hone my artistic skills by sketching, painting and taking photographs. In 2008, I decided to return to community college to gain my certification in Photography from Richland College.  My freelance work increased and I began to seek out full-time jobs where I could further expand my artistic talents. I took up an offer to teach an After School Enrichment program to teach art to elementary kids, as well as an Instructor at a franchise sip & paint company.

   In 2016, I decided to showcase my paintings and mixed media renderings to the public by submitting to art shows throughout the DFW Metroplex.  My artwork uses color as a tool to convey mood with abstract forms while touching on modern-day topics throughout my images by incorporating mixed mediums of acrylic, collaging, digital optics and fabric. Sharing my work with the world is my ultimate goal.


Jessica Sanchez

My name is Jessica Sanchez and I am an artist, illustrator, and designer based in Dallas, Texas. I am currently finishing up my last year at the University of Texas at Arlington for Visual Communications. If I’m not doing design work, I’m working on personal creative design projects, traveling when I can find the time, or working on CHICLE, a zine & brand I run with my best friend.


Juanita Sergovia 

Juanita Segovia (they/them), is a queer, non-binary designer, screen printer, and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. They illustrate experiences as a queer, first-generation Mexican American centered around mysticism and healing using text-based work.


Lola Lovenotes

Lola Lovenotes is a Puerto Rican muralist and visual artist born and raised in New York City, whose alias formed at a young age through her submergence in Bronx Graffiti culture. Very passionate about using her platform as a muralist to uplift marginalized communities, Lovenotes works as a teaching artist in schools in the Bronx and Manhattan. She also leads street art and graffiti workshops to the youth of these communities. 


Mayra Martinez  

Mayra Martinez is a printmaking gardener based in Fort Worth, TX. Her most loved inspiration for creating art plants and taking care of them. Mayra has created a line of unique plant-based jewelry that she grows and creates into wearable art.


Montoya De La Hoya 

Montoya is a Dallas based artist. 

2017 Texas Biennial Artist. Real-time analysis. Dog Mom 


Nistasha Perez

Nistasha Perez is a queer POC printmaker and papermaker based in Denver, Colorado.  


Paloma Salas

Paloma Salas in her recent work is influenced by the life and culture of her hometown Oak Cliff, in Dallas, Texas. Paloma is a teaching artist in the community in association with Casa de Pas Montessori and Cara Mia Theatre Co.  In 2014 she was awarded the Booker T. Washington Visual Arts Guild Grant which enabled her to take part in a three-week laboratory exploration at Museo Molí Paperer de Capellades while temporarily residing in Barcelona, Spain. Her work is often an exploration of mixed media natural materials, sustained painted observations of color and light, merging the line between surrealism and reality. Paloma makes reference to her living experience as a modern Mexican muter. After Frida Kahlo, she paints through frustration and love sentiments, recalling folk-devotional paintings or retablos.  


Serina Rodriguez

In 1994 Serina was born in Dallas, Texas. She attended the TCC Southeast campus where she earned her Associates of Arts Degree. She transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington, only to leave school completely in 2017 due to her mental health struggles after the passing of her Tía Angie. Serina was selected to showcase a couple of collage pieces in the 2017 annual exhibition, Hecho en Dallas at the Latino Cultural Center. The complexities of human experience serve as her biggest inspiration, especially surrounding motherhood, mental health awareness and spirituality. She strives to communicate her introspective insights through eclectic forms of expression in hopes that it provides comfort and sparks creativity for her daughter Ofelia Itotiani, born 2018. Serina adopted the pseudonym SOYNEENA as a tribute to her childhood nickname Nina. SOYNEENA is based in Grand Prairie, Texas. 



violeta is a Dallas-based artist & educator. her zine series adult papers tell of her love of writing & storytelling. communicating & commuting entre culturas y lenguas has been a theme in her work since 2012. she tells stories in order to understand her own and to inspire others to keep trying to understand theirs. listen, you can almost hear her voice. songwriting and recording are her new storytelling frontier.   


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