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Continuing the great tradition of Latin and American printmaking, Radical Love Art Collective is curating a showcase of Dallas-Ft. Worth emerging and mid-career printmakers and artists. Hecho a Mano / Made by Hand crosses borders, tells un-told stories, professes its love of art, gente, and kinfolk alike.  

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
1515 Young St, Dallas, TX 75201

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Andrea Tosten  /  Braulio Lazon-Conde
Cocoatlicue  /  Danielle Ellis  /  Elva Chavez  / 
Erik Gomez  / Fabiola Valenzuela  /  Fernando de ita López  / Goretti Troncoso Cordourier  /  Jodi Voice Yellowfish  /  Jamila S. Mendez  /  Jessica Sanchez  /  Juanita Sergovia  Lola Lovenotes  /  Mayra Martinez  /  Montoya de la hoya  /  Nistasha Perez  /  Paloma Salas  /  Serina Rodriguez  /  Violet Gutierrez


6/08 Beyond Pride Print Pop-up

On June 8, 2019, we invite you to imagine a Pride event that goes beyond corporate-sponsorship. Join us for a community event of connections, art, poetry and participate in our print pop-up at the Hecho a Mano show located at the Lillian Gallery Bradshaw Gallery. 

For many of us, the journey to Pride starts with many acts of defiance of institutional gender roles and the daily practice of self-love years before we are seen. Muhlaysia was murdered for being herself.  

Join us in honoring our sisters past and present in the special beyond Pride event.  Both Martha and Muhlaysia were victims of unsolved hate crimes.

As a community, we must denounce transmisogyny, in all spaces, at school, at the workplace, at church, at home, and walking the streets of our cities.  


We love glitter just as must as the next gay, and we invite you to imagine what Beyond Pride might look like.

Rest In Power

Marsha P. Johnson was a transgender activist in the 1960s who stood on the front lines of the LGBT liberation movement that began the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Johnson, who founded one of the first organizations to protect transgender youth, was a leader for black trans women and the reason non-POC can celebrate Pride at all. She was murdered on July 6, 1992, at the age of 46. 

In April 2019 Muhlaysia Booker was attacked in a Dallas parking lot and surrounded by a crowd of people, and it made national headlines. 
A month later on May 17, 2019, the Dallas Police Department announced that Muhlaysia Booker, 23, had been shot and killed. The police said it had no evidence linking the killing to the earlier attack. 

This is an invitation to La Lucha that is far from over. 

Where is your Pride for
Malaysia Booker?

Where is your Pride for Martha P. Johnson?

June 8th (TBD) at Lillian's 
Dallas Public Library 

​#Protectblackwomen  #Supportblackwomen #BlackTransLivesMatter  #BeyondPrideDallas #SayThierNames #SayHerName 



Radical Love challenges, oppressive systems, racism, anti-blackness, misogyny, Islamophobia, ableism, homophobia, colonial borders, binaries, and stands behind a birth givers right to choose.

Love. We don’t have a revolution without it.  

Love. We can’t overthrow oppressive systems without it.

As Queer people, we get to define what love is.

As Queer people, we get to define Love without limitations.

As Queer people, we can see the spectrums of love not just romantic love.

We treat people how they want to be addressed because we see them.

We intentionally get free by loving each other. 

We intentionally want to grow something together.

We dream of a world transformed.

Art is a human right.


Printmaking workshops available 

A printmaking workshop led by Dallas artist Angela Faz as part of the Clinton R. Allen Speak Out, an event hosted by Mothers Against Police Brutality and sponsored by the Colin Kaepernick Foundation.

The families in this video gathered in Dallas to share stories of loss and validate one another's experiences. During the workshop portion of the day, they were encouraged to draw healing strength from one another. Angela's workshop was one option for the families and attendees who came to listen.

The 4th Annual Clinton R. Allen Speak Out was held in honor of Clinton Allen who was murdered on March 10, 2013 by Dallas policeman Clark Staller. Clinton was unarmed and shot 7 times underneath his arms, and once in the back. Clinton Allen was only 25 years old.

To learn more about Mothers Against Police Brutality, follow @fightingmothers on Instagram.

Get to know Angela Faz's work at


The RLAC Experiment

This experiment aims to create a rapid response team of QPOC artists in the vein of Culture Strike and Just Seeds in the heart of Dallas, Texas. 

RLAC will host pop up printmaker workshops at little cost to realize visions, speak to their coraje and raise awareness. We partner with existing grassroots efforts engaged in the work in the occupied territories known as Dallas, Texas.


Interested in a drop-in workshop or art event? 



About FAZ

A native of Dallas, TX, Angela Faz is a socially engaged artist focusing on creating community through printmaking.  Their studio practice of focus involves relief printmaking, monotypes, and silkscreen.  As a printmaker for over twenty years, in 2019, Faz founded Radical Love Art Collective to prioritize activists, migrant, women, queer, trans artists, and artists of color with a skill-share art model of creative response tools needed to do what they do best. Faz believes that empowering activists and artists committed to culture work in the Dallas community will lead to long-term cultural change. 


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